Aug. 12th, 2017 02:47 pm
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Willy knew Fin's favourite places to go and for many weeks he had avoided them all. He had settled into his little cottage hidden deep in an alley. He had come home, it felt like. He wasn't there much, though. He had let his music take him and he performed almost every night at clubs and bars around the city. Anything to fill the hole in his heart.

But today he couldn't hide away forever. He missed Fin terribly. He thought today he might see if he could find Fin...if only to see him.

Fin's favourite cafe had always been comfortable, a place with familiar food and familiar faces. Willy walked in, no longer a familiar face to the regulars. He scanned the crowd and found Fin sitting in the back, reading what he could only assume was a script. Willy hesitated a moment, asking for a tea with milk and sugar. When he had it, he casually walked back to where Fin sat.

"Hello, my friend," he said softly. Hesitantly. He stood still, waiting for a sign he might be welcoome.
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The party had been lovely. Quite novel with the all black decor and fashions and food. He had stayed with Curnen until she had had her fill and then he tok her home to see her safe. But as soon as that duty was done he pointed his bike for home.

Up the lift, but left instead of right. Not to his flat but to Fin's.

He knocked softly, in case Fin was asleep. He listened, then knocked again.

"Fin, are you home?" he said to the closed door.


Oct. 27th, 2016 09:52 pm
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from here

Willy escorted him in, into the lift, and pressed the button.

"Perhaps not as cold as it will be, but chill enough to crave the blankets," he said softly.


Jul. 20th, 2016 03:56 pm
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The morning after

The sun peeked over the horizon and Willy was at Hex's doorstep. He beat on the door, sure the pair were still asleep. He was righ, and Hex got up and came to the door, clearly exhausted. He opened it to see the giant fae looming in the doorway.

"I have come to collect Finlay," he said. Hex stepped aside to let him in.

"He's still asleep," Hex said.

Willy pushed past him and climbed the stairs to Hex's bedroom where he found Fin. He sat on the bed and began to rub the new fae's back.

"Wake up," he said. "It's time to go home..."


May. 31st, 2016 04:49 pm
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(from here)

Fin's desire for more only called to his own magic, bringing it to the surface. Willy was always so terribly careful, knowing Fin was nervous about his magic, even disliked it at times. He couldn't be careful now. His lips tingled and his skin crawled with his power. As he started to undress Fin every touch was electric, buzzing against the other man's body.

"Oh, but you are sweet," he murmured against Fin's neck before he backed away enough to pull his shirt off, then let go so he could take his own off as well.


Feb. 9th, 2016 06:49 pm
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It was Tuesday night and thought Willy rarely kept a schedule, or even the time, he was always at the small bar to play on this day- every week, without fail. People who came adored him, though because ofa small glamour few of them recalled him until they saw him again on the small stage.

Tonight he was sitting on a stool with only an acoustic guitar. Every song was a love song. Some faster, many slow, but all about love. As he sang he watched Fin at the bar and for the first time in his life all of these songs truly made sense. He finished one and launched into another.

Gamble everything for love, gamble everything
Put it in a place you keep what you need
You can gamble everything for love if you're free
You gotta gamble everything for love

Baby are ya cold, are ya cold baby
I could wrap you up, wrap you up in my love
If you wanna, you can gamble everything for love
If you wanna, you can gamble everything for love.

Tell me are you feeling lost, have you crossed
In the places that you never knew to get through
Tell me are you gonna cry all night
Tell me the truth, and Ill tell you the truth
If you gamble everything for love
You gonna be alright, alright

When he finished he thanked the crowd and the stereo came on to keep the bar filled with music. Willy left his guitar on the stand on the stage and went to Fin's seat, wrapping long arms around him.


Jan. 13th, 2016 06:38 pm
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Shortly after Willy had returned Winter to his pixie size and allowed Phouka to join him at that height, he and Fin had returned to their flat. Will was agitated and wouldn't stop pacing. Keats looked at the angry fae and whined and then went into the bedroom to hide.

"Who would do such a thing? And to Winter? Harmess, innocent, beautiful little pixie...I want blood, Finlay. If I find him he shall know pain unimaginable!" he ranted.


Dec. 11th, 2015 08:08 pm
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Willy slept late, sprawled on the bed with a pillow on his head. But when he woke there was no in between, no bleary blinks. He was asleep and then he was awake and he climbed out of the bed and went in the bathroom. One big yawn and then he began to attack his hair. It was problematic at times but he'd learned the potions and oils and how to pick it carefully. It took time. One day he would use magic but for now it was a novelty and he enjoyed grooming.

He came out with his hair a massive cloud around his head and a smile on his lips.

"Get up, evermore," he said, bouncing on the bed. "Wake up."


Nov. 28th, 2015 08:28 pm
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It had taken some time to work out the magic for something so grand and so permanant. He'd waited until Fin had finished painting him and then one day when the younger man had gone to work Willy remained in the flat and had set about making the change.

His new body was roughly the same size. Same height. Same shoe size. But his skin was much darker- not as dark as the Phouka, but Willy had decided if he was to change it would be a complete change. His hair grew wild and curly, the white shock disappearing as his mane became a rich, dark colour. His eyes remained green for a bit and then he decided that to should go and as he looked in the mirror his eyes became a rich, dark colour of their own. He wore his own clothes-the black jeans and heavy boots and today a black t-shirt from a Led Zeppelin concert he'd gone to long ago.

It was a massive amount of magic and it left him weary. He went to the sofa and laid down, the television on but set to a music channel. Willy closed his eyes for just a short nap. But he didn't wake up until he heard the lock click and the door begin to open.
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Winter had once told him of an interesting woman he had met. A woman who could see things. A woman gifted enough that she might be able to help. And Willy needed help. He was sure Fin was to the north but try as e might he could not pinpoint his location. He didn't know what was blocking him but it was enough to make him turn to mortals for help. Not the police, no. No, he needed the woman, Vanessa. And she...she was easy enough to locate.

Willy and Phouka arrived on her doorstep at sunset and the prince knocked.He was dressed in all black- t shirt and jeans and leather jacket. Phouka stood beside him in a bright blue brocade jacket over a violet top with deep plum trousers and high black boots. They made quite the pair on the stoop.

Fin's Plot

May. 12th, 2015 06:01 pm
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The medium had been of great help and Willy and Phouka departed London on Willy's bike, flying faster than the machine ought to be able to carry them. North, north, feel the pull of the countryside. But Willy could barely feel Fin and he feared death...even though he knew Fin's enchanted heart wasn't about to stop beating. Phouka rode bhind, the loyal guard ready to spring to action.

Under the light of Arcturus, aligned with Sirius, Willy found the farm that had been foretold. There was a house and many buildings and so he and the Phouka split up to search. Locks were of no matter.

The Fae Prince was not about to be stopped now and if anyone tried he would not hesitate to end them. Worse than end them...they would find themselves trapped for eternity by the unforgiving fae.

Willy searched the house, room by room, then finally down into the cellar. It was then, as he descended creaking wooden stairs into the soil floored darkness that he could smell Fin.

"Evermore?" he called and light sparked in his palm so he could see.


Mar. 12th, 2015 07:52 pm
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The night was young and the bar had been packed. Willy had not played, he'd only been there with Fin to enjoy the band. But the crowd was thick and Willy was a bit tipsy on white Russians and he dragged Fin out of the bar and into the night.

"Mmm, my love, what do you wish?" he asked, Fin's hands in his own. He pulled him close and kissed him, lips then brow. "I will give you your grandest desire, you need but ask."

Hardly a new offer- they both knew Fin's flights of fancy were Willy's pleasure to fulfil.
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Aspid's spell had left Winter weak and without his magic. He needed tended which left Willy in quite the spot. Fin also needed a constant companion since he'd lost his eyesight. And the prince was no great help to either of them on his own. And so, as one used to having others wait on his, Willy gathered to him a small entourage and packed everyone back to Fin's flat in the West End.

He had been gone longer than he'd intended when he burst through the door, Winter cradled in a basket filled with plush cushons and blankets. A small squatty woman, Brown Meg, stood at his knee, her skin nut-brown and weathered and her wiry hair captured in a bun. At his shoulder there fluttered two tiny sprite, only two inches high, each of them. Smaller even than Winter. And behind them stood the Phouka, a powerfully built fae, black as coal with bright black eyes and a head full of incredibly neat dread locks. He wore an old fashioned doublet of wine coloured silk shot with gold thread and a pair of tight blue jeans.

The troupe entered and Willy passed Winter's basket off to the Phouka so he could go and explain things to Fin.


Jan. 1st, 2015 06:47 pm
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The days and nights passed in a blur. Willy had scarcely left the young mortal's side since he'd come to find him blinded. He'd left long enough to collect some things from the cottage and explain things to Winter, then he remained by Fin's side. He played for him, tended to his needs, took him out New Year's Eve and had described to him the outfits and glitz, the shining fireworks and the light of the city reflected on the clouds. It had been a lovely night but Fin was in no spirits for cheer.

Today they had gone to the doctor yet again to tend to the chemical burns then Willy escorted Fin out of the clinic.

"Shall we have lunch? We have been too much in your flat. It will be good to be out," he suggested.


Dec. 28th, 2014 06:36 pm
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It was soon to be the New Year and with Fin in such a state Willy had decided to get him a gift. He wanted to buy him pyjamas, something soft with large buttons that would be easy for the man to do up himself.

He spied Kersen doing a bit of shopping as well and carried his parcel over to the man. He saw him often enough, playing at Jazzmin, but rarely saw him outside of there. He had a bright smile for the vampire.

"I thought you made your clothes," he said rather than hello.


Nov. 21st, 2014 08:58 pm
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The weather in London was dreary and cool. Beyond the veil that separated the realms the afternoon in the Seelie lands was fair. Not too warm, but not unfavorable, either, it was comfortable as Willy and Winter made their way through the stonelands where great granite pillars stood, jutting up out of the plain. Amongst the pillars grew June-thorn bushes. It was the end of the fruting season and much of the sweets had either been eaten by others or had dried on the vine. Some were servicable, though- one just needed to take the time to look.

"I do wish the ingredients for your potion were a bit easier to come by, my friend," Willy said as he gently pushed some brambles aside to peek beneath the leaves.


Nov. 13th, 2014 06:10 pm
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Willy was waiting for Fin when the young man got home from the day's work. He hadn't gone inside, choosing instead to linger by the doorway, bundled up a bit. The scarf round his neck hardly canceled out the tears in the knees of his jeans, but that was no matter to him.

The fae had let some time pass and he had even sought the coucil of Brown Meg who was terribly wise, understanding mortals more than most, Willy believed. He had come to the realization that although he'd had the best intentions he had broken Fin's trust. After some time of waiting for the little mortal to come back to him, Willy had gone to seek him out. And so he stood in the cold, not about to violate Fin's trust again by letting himself inside the flat.

He lit up when he saw Fin and produced a white rose, a single one that was only beginning to open.

"Finlay, will you speak to me tonight?" he asked hopefully.


Nov. 7th, 2014 06:16 pm
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Willy had discussed the possibility of being bound with Fin in the faerie tradition. If they were bound then Willy wouldn't need Fin's consent to give him an enchanted heart- it would be his right as their lives would be one. But he did need Fin to consent to the binding and he figured the best way to do that was to romance him and woo him and bring him round to the idea.

He had waited patiently for Fin's day to be done and then he had caught him outside his work and had offered him dinner. A simple enough request. But it was a ruse. Dinner was to be served in the Great Garden under the autumn skies in Willy's own realm. There was no cold snap in the air in the Seelie lands. It was ever temperate.

Willy spirited them away and lead Fin through hedges and flower beds, all tended diligently by pixies, nymphs and sprites. Under a tree with broad reaching branches Willy showed Fin a table laid out with a delicious dinner, everything absolutely perfect. The prince poured the wine from a crystal carafe.

"Do you like it?" he asked, motioning to the spread of decadent delights, each dish beautiful and tempting in its own way.


Oct. 26th, 2014 07:39 pm
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It wasn't warm but it was pleasant. The wind was light and the air crisp. Willy needed nothing to guard against the weather but knew mortals would look at him strangely if he did not wear a jacket. So he wore his leather with the buckles and studs that he was so fond of. It was punk as punk could be and was a signature look for him. He wore a black Blue Oyster Cult t-shirt, black jeans, black belt- his uniform, practically. The only color was his white forelock and the silver triple moon earring he wore that was so shiny it glinted in the merry light.

The London Eye was a popular destination. The sun was only just beginning to set and people clammored to ride the wheel to see the sunset over the Thames. Willy played not far from the queue. Tonight it was his violin that filled the air with music.

So rock me mama like a wagon wheel
Rock me mama, any way you feel
Ooh, ooh mama rock me...

He sang the original, not the newer country version. Willy was quite partial to the Old Crow Medicine Show's repertoire.

He was to meet Winter soon and they would spend the night together. Willy had promised the little one dinner and was thinking Indian food would be a delicious treat. On an autum night like this perhaps a pumpkin curry. He kept his eyes out for the pixie, unsure if he would have taken his potion or not.


Oct. 25th, 2014 07:07 pm
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(Continued from HERE)

Willy moved off of him and then gathered him up, taking Fin to the bedroom. The young man's flat was enormous compared to Willy's own cottage- which had become all the smaller now that he was sharing it with the pixie Winter. The fae prince was most comfortable here, though, and didn't hesitate to pull the covers back on the bed before setting to the task of undressing Fin.

"I think it is you who is wicked," he murmured into another kiss. "Far too should see a doctor..."

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