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Aspid's spell had left Winter weak and without his magic. He needed tended which left Willy in quite the spot. Fin also needed a constant companion since he'd lost his eyesight. And the prince was no great help to either of them on his own. And so, as one used to having others wait on his, Willy gathered to him a small entourage and packed everyone back to Fin's flat in the West End.

He had been gone longer than he'd intended when he burst through the door, Winter cradled in a basket filled with plush cushons and blankets. A small squatty woman, Brown Meg, stood at his knee, her skin nut-brown and weathered and her wiry hair captured in a bun. At his shoulder there fluttered two tiny sprite, only two inches high, each of them. Smaller even than Winter. And behind them stood the Phouka, a powerfully built fae, black as coal with bright black eyes and a head full of incredibly neat dread locks. He wore an old fashioned doublet of wine coloured silk shot with gold thread and a pair of tight blue jeans.

The troupe entered and Willy passed Winter's basket off to the Phouka so he could go and explain things to Fin.
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