Fin's Plot

May. 12th, 2015 06:01 pm
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The medium had been of great help and Willy and Phouka departed London on Willy's bike, flying faster than the machine ought to be able to carry them. North, north, feel the pull of the countryside. But Willy could barely feel Fin and he feared death...even though he knew Fin's enchanted heart wasn't about to stop beating. Phouka rode bhind, the loyal guard ready to spring to action.

Under the light of Arcturus, aligned with Sirius, Willy found the farm that had been foretold. There was a house and many buildings and so he and the Phouka split up to search. Locks were of no matter.

The Fae Prince was not about to be stopped now and if anyone tried he would not hesitate to end them. Worse than end them...they would find themselves trapped for eternity by the unforgiving fae.

Willy searched the house, room by room, then finally down into the cellar. It was then, as he descended creaking wooden stairs into the soil floored darkness that he could smell Fin.

"Evermore?" he called and light sparked in his palm so he could see.
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