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Willy was waiting for Fin when the young man got home from the day's work. He hadn't gone inside, choosing instead to linger by the doorway, bundled up a bit. The scarf round his neck hardly canceled out the tears in the knees of his jeans, but that was no matter to him.

The fae had let some time pass and he had even sought the coucil of Brown Meg who was terribly wise, understanding mortals more than most, Willy believed. He had come to the realization that although he'd had the best intentions he had broken Fin's trust. After some time of waiting for the little mortal to come back to him, Willy had gone to seek him out. And so he stood in the cold, not about to violate Fin's trust again by letting himself inside the flat.

He lit up when he saw Fin and produced a white rose, a single one that was only beginning to open.

"Finlay, will you speak to me tonight?" he asked hopefully.
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