Feb. 9th, 2016


Feb. 9th, 2016 06:49 pm
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It was Tuesday night and thought Willy rarely kept a schedule, or even the time, he was always at the small bar to play on this day- every week, without fail. People who came adored him, though because ofa small glamour few of them recalled him until they saw him again on the small stage.

Tonight he was sitting on a stool with only an acoustic guitar. Every song was a love song. Some faster, many slow, but all about love. As he sang he watched Fin at the bar and for the first time in his life all of these songs truly made sense. He finished one and launched into another.

Gamble everything for love, gamble everything
Put it in a place you keep what you need
You can gamble everything for love if you're free
You gotta gamble everything for love

Baby are ya cold, are ya cold baby
I could wrap you up, wrap you up in my love
If you wanna, you can gamble everything for love
If you wanna, you can gamble everything for love.

Tell me are you feeling lost, have you crossed
In the places that you never knew to get through
Tell me are you gonna cry all night
Tell me the truth, and Ill tell you the truth
If you gamble everything for love
You gonna be alright, alright

When he finished he thanked the crowd and the stereo came on to keep the bar filled with music. Willy left his guitar on the stand on the stage and went to Fin's seat, wrapping long arms around him.

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