Nov. 28th, 2015


Nov. 28th, 2015 08:28 pm
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It had taken some time to work out the magic for something so grand and so permanant. He'd waited until Fin had finished painting him and then one day when the younger man had gone to work Willy remained in the flat and had set about making the change.

His new body was roughly the same size. Same height. Same shoe size. But his skin was much darker- not as dark as the Phouka, but Willy had decided if he was to change it would be a complete change. His hair grew wild and curly, the white shock disappearing as his mane became a rich, dark colour. His eyes remained green for a bit and then he decided that to should go and as he looked in the mirror his eyes became a rich, dark colour of their own. He wore his own clothes-the black jeans and heavy boots and today a black t-shirt from a Led Zeppelin concert he'd gone to long ago.

It was a massive amount of magic and it left him weary. He went to the sofa and laid down, the television on but set to a music channel. Willy closed his eyes for just a short nap. But he didn't wake up until he heard the lock click and the door begin to open.

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