Jan. 1st, 2015


Jan. 1st, 2015 06:47 pm
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The days and nights passed in a blur. Willy had scarcely left the young mortal's side since he'd come to find him blinded. He'd left long enough to collect some things from the cottage and explain things to Winter, then he remained by Fin's side. He played for him, tended to his needs, took him out New Year's Eve and had described to him the outfits and glitz, the shining fireworks and the light of the city reflected on the clouds. It had been a lovely night but Fin was in no spirits for cheer.

Today they had gone to the doctor yet again to tend to the chemical burns then Willy escorted Fin out of the clinic.

"Shall we have lunch? We have been too much in your flat. It will be good to be out," he suggested.

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